Modelling of partial coalescence in diary products

Modelling of partial coalescence in diary products

Partial coalescence is applied in preparation of whipped cream and ice-cream. The mechanism is similar to plain coalscence, however, different due to the fact that crystals are present inside the fat globules. When these collide, crystals penetrate the other globule and form dumbell shaped globules. The mechanism is quite complex and not yet completely understood.

In order to build this knowledge, dedicated monitoring and modelling are used. In terms of monitoring, viscosity, particle size distribution and light microscopic pictures are followed in time. In a next step a PBM will be formulated to describe the collected data. Certain hypothesis can be derived from the data and built into the PBM's kernels.

In a final part of the research the impact of shear intensity and temperature on the process will be monitored and the PBM model extended to incorporate these influences.

Project duration: 2008-01-01 - 2011-12-31

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