The RWQM is a new River Water Quality Model

The IAWQ task group on river water quality modelling has develloped a new river water quality model based on COD rather than on BOD like the existing river water quality models.
This means that mass balances are closed and also elemental balances are closed. The model is written in an ASM like format, this means a Peterson matrix with Processes and States. Also biomass is introduced as a state variable. Different groups of biomass are used( heterotrophs, autotrophs, algae, consumers), while also different particulates are considered. Nitrification is to described in two steps, so nitrite and nitrate area different state variables. Easy submodel selection is possible. More details will be presented at the Paris 2000 Conference in papers by Reichert et al, and others.

Project duration: 0000-00-00 - 0000-00-00

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Last update: 01 december 2008,

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