Workshop on Advanced Modelling for water technologists at World Water Congress Tokyo

Uneven oxygen distribution in wwtp

What Water Technologists Should Know about Advanced Process Modelling that will Accelerate their Design and Scale-up Efforts


Monday 17 September, 2018
From 15:46 to 17:15 


Room 05 - 601 (WWC Tokyo)


This workshop will show water practitioners the value of advanced modelling for process optimisation, design and scale-up by means of numerous practical pilot- and full-scale examples. Virtual troubleshooting, virtual prototyping and virtual piloting has become a reality and application is growing rapidly worldwide (read our recent blog post on this). A good example is the use of advanced computational fluid dynamics (CFD) including various process phenomena, that is used to test different operational and design strategies very realistically in 3D.

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Figure showing what advanced modelling can describe

Next to seeing real-life cases in collaboration with utilities and technology developers, participants will be solicited to think through their current and future process train in order to spot opportunities for innovation and needs for research.


  • Prof. Ingmar Nopens (Ghent University)
  • Prof. Krist Gernaey (Technical University of Denmark)
  • Dr. Wim Audenaert (AM-TEAM)

Tentative program:

  • Introduction to workshop and objectives (Ingmar Nopens)
  • Introduction to Advanced modelling frameworks (Wim Audenaert)
  • Case studies (Dissolved Air flotation, Ion Exchange, Water tower, Baffled MBR, Aeration of biological broth, Anaerobic Digestion)
  • Outlook & discussion starter (Ingmar Nopens)
  • Moderated discussion with audience (Ingmar Nopens, Krist Gernaey)
  • Take home (Wim Audenaert)

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Tokyo, Japan
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