How to reach BIOMATH

Faculty of Bioscience Engineering


Faculty of Bioscience Engineering
Dept. of Data Analysis and Mathematical Modelling
Ghent University
Coupure Links 653
B-9000 Gent, Belgium

From the Railway Station Gent-Sint-Pieters

Exit the train station to the front end (towards the city center). The tram terminal you need is located directly in front of the main exit. Take tram number 4. Leave the tram at the 6th stop Theresianenstraat. Cross the pedestrian/bike bridge over the Coupure canal. By now you have reached the Faculty of Bioscience Engineering. If you enter the domain through the gate, you will find the main entrance to building A in front of you.

From the Highway E40 and E17

On the highway (E40: Brussel/Oostende or E17: Antwerpen / Kortrijk), take the exit Gent Centrum. At the bifurication, just before the overpass, take the exit Alle Richtingen. Avoid the direction Gent Centrum. Once located under the viaduct, take the extreme left lane and make a left turn at the first trafic light, direction 'Zelzate / Eeklo'. You are now on the inner ring-road around the city. Continue the main ring-road direction 'Zelzate / Eeklo' (St. Lievenslaan, Citadellaan, Ch. De Kerckhovelaan, Ijzerlaan, Godshuizenlaan, Martelaarslaan) until the 8th traffic light which is located before an impressive apartment building. Turn right just before the church into the Nieuwewandeling, continue until you reach the next trafic lights just before the canal Coupure links and turn right. After 350m on the right hand side you will see the entrance of the campus of the faculty. If you enter the domain through the gate, you will find the main entrance to building A in front of you. Parking is available on site.

Faculty map

You are at the main entrance when you

  • locate a black swinging gate
  • see the a café named 'Koepuur' across the street
  • see a bikers-and-pedestrians-only bridge across the canal

Building A is the first building in front of you when you enter the main entrance (it has a banner titled A-blok). Once inside, go to the first floor. The stairs are located on the right of the entrance hall. When arriving on the first floor, keep straight ahead. You will pass a hallway with large windows on your left side which overlook the inner courtyard. Turn left at the end. Once through the wooden swinging doors you have arrived in the corridor of the department. The secretary office can be found in room A1.052.