Core values


BIOMATH is an interdisciplinary team which develops and applies high quality mathematical models and methodologies for the analysis and optimization of various (industrial) bio-processes. Through its cooperation with like-minded partners, BIOMATH aims at stimulating the use of the same modelling knowledge across sectors. By committing ourselves to a wide range of research questions in different fields of application, we strive to expand our know-how continuously to offer high-quality solutions.

Mathematical model

The underlying mechanisms of a process can be translated into mathematical equations by confronting hypotheses and experimental observations. This way, either new models are developed or existing ones are extended. The main focus at BIOMATH is on mechanistic models which use first principles such as mass, energy and momentum conservation. More specifically, BIOMATH has expertise in the fields of computational fluid dynamics (CFD), population balance modelling (PBM) and bio-kinetics. Depending on the final goal of the process model, different methodologies of various levels of complexity can be applied.


With the help of mathematical methodologies for model analysis, BIOMATH aims at valid model representations which closely match experimental observations. Once validated, a model is used for deepening the understanding of the overall process behaviour.


A mathematical model is usually not considered as an end in itself. Optimising the process using the model is considered key in BIOMATH’s philosophy. To do so, different mathematical methodologies are studied in order to optimise process operation as well as future experimentation using the model as a simulator of the real-world process.


The model analysis and optimisation described above can be applied to basically any physical system. Currently, BIOMATH is active in the fields of wastewater treatment and resource recovery, pharmaceutical manufacturing, ecology and bioprocess technology.