BIOMATH is engaged in various consortia and other collaborations. In some of these, BIOMATH acted as a founding member. These platforms allow BIOMATH to reach out for expertise in the various scientific fields it operates in, as well as to have an efficient interface with industry and stakeholders.

Find here a summary and links of the participations in which BIOMATH is involved:


Centre for Advanced Process Technology for Urban Resource Recovery - CAPTURE: Collaboration platform between professors from various UGent faculties, one-stop-shop for industry and government to offer integrated solutions related to resource recovery.


Centre of Excellence in Sustainable Pharmaceutical Engineering - CESPE: Multidisciplinary pre-competitive research centre focusing on the development, design and optimisation of drug substance and drug product production platforms.


Resource Recovery Technology consortium - R²T: A strategic partnership which accelerates R&D on resource recovery. Within the consortium, academic and industrial partners leverage their knowledge and skills for the development and implementation of breakthrough technology and the training of multidisciplinary professionals.


Centre for Environmental Science and Technology - CES&T: Central UGent structure integrating environmental sciences, technologies and management.


Other partners of BIOMATH can be found here.