BIOMATH members attend the conference WTRMX2019 - 10th Watermatex Symposium on Modelling and Integrated Assessment


Several BIOMATH members and AM Team attended the conference WTRMX2019 - 10th Watermatex Symposium on Modelling and Integrated Assessment, from September 1 to 4 in Copenhagen. Their excellent work have been presented there.

  • Prof. Dr. Ingmar Nopens, AM Team: Water and wastewater CFD and validation: are we losing the balance
  • Sophie Balemans: Combining jar tests and CFD to investigate the role of local hydrodynamics in flocculation of high-rate activated sludge  
  • Flash presentation:Investigation of the distributed settling behaviour of high-rate activated sludge 
  • Dorien Gaublomme: Flash presentation:Validation of a generic steady state model for full-scale Reverse  Osmosis
  • David Fernandes del Pozo: Computational fluid dynamics validation study of an axial flow impeller often used in anaerobic digesters
  • Dr. Chaïm De Mulder: Plant-wide optimization through dynamic compartmental modelling and analysis of limiting  processes
  • Yohannis Mitiku Tobo: Integration of ADM1 into a CFD model: Could diffusion improve AD mixing?
  • Dr. Andreia Neves do Amaral: Towards a detailed understanding of oxygen transfer in wastewater treatment: the effect of bubble size 






Copenhagen - Denmark
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