PhD Dissertations

Year Student PhD
2020 Michael Ghijs PhD thesis Michael Ghijs58.78 MB
2020 David Fernandes del Pozo PhD Dissertation David Fernandes Del Pozo80.95 MB
2019 Chaïm De Mulder Tying up loose ends : optimization of data treatment and hydrodynamic model structure of the Eindhoven wastewater treatment plan413.9 KB
2019 Andreia Amaral Towards a detailed understanding of oxygen transfer in wastewater treatment: the effect of bubble size distribution11.44 MB
2019 Niels Nicolaï Supervisory process monitoring, identification and control for continuous pharmaceutical wet granulation18.7 MB
2019 Rubén Fernando Jerves Cobo Integrated water system modelling to support water management in the Cuenca Basin7.37 MB
2019 Wouter Naessens Towards improved membrane fouling modelling: from an empirical to a spatially explicit framework47.68 MB
2018 Giacomo Bellandi N2O emissions and aeration efficiency in wastewater treatment17.14 MB
2018 Michael Chys Surrogate-based online monitoring and control framework for trace organic contaminant removal during ozonation18.23 MB
2017 Ivaylo Hitsov Model-based analysis and optimization of membrane distillation17.04 MB
2016 Stijn Van Hoey Development and application of a framework for model structure evaluation in environmental modelling27.54 MB
2016 Bjorge Decostere Assessment of microalgal growth kinetics through respirometry and titrimetry: data collection and model analysis8.08 MB
2016 Usman Rehman Next generation bioreactor models for wastewater treatment systems7.76 MB
2016 Timothy Van Daele Model-based analysis as a tool for intensification of a biocatalytic process8.61 MB
2015 Elena Torfs Different settling regimes in secondary settling tanks: experimental process analysis, model development and calibration41.03 MB
2015 Youri Amerlinck Model refinements in view of wastewater treatment plant optimization: improving the balance in sub-model detail15.83 MB
2015 Ashish Kumar Experimental and model-based analysis of twin-screw wet granulation in pharmaceutical processes8.66 MB
2014 Séverine Mortier Modelling the drying behaviour of wet granules in the context of fully continuous pharmaceutical tablet manufacturing67.74 KB
2013 Andres Alvarado Martinez Advanced Dynamic Modelling of Wastewater Treatment Ponds5.39 MB
2012 Thomas Maere Models for optimisation and control of aerobic membrane bioreactors5.77 MB
2012 Wim Audenaert Ozonation and UV/hydrogen peroxide treatment of natural water and secondary wastewater effluent9.6 MB
2010 Nicolas Ratkovich Understanding hydrodynamics in Membrane Bioreactor systems for wastewater treatment6.87 MB
Ingmar Nopens Modelling the activated sludge flocculation process - A population balance approach13.17 MB