Kinetic and bio-kinetic modelling

Kinetic and bio-kinetic models provide a means to simulate chemical and bio-chemical reactions. Such models reveal detailed information on the mechanisms and rates at which constituting compounds are consumed and generated.

Modelling complex networks of bio-chemical reactions in bio-processes has been part of BIOMATH since the early stages. Applications include full-scale wastewater treatment plant modelling, granule drying kinetics, down to the modelling of enzyme kinetics in microreactors for pharmaceutical applications.

In some of our applications, kinetic models are coupled to the fluid flow patterns within a system, using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), as well as to the dynamics of particulate matter, as described by Population Balance Models (PBM). This way, spatial heterogeneity and population behaviour can be taken into account. Examples include mass transfer limitation and substrate availability.

BIOMATH builds on a strong expertise in the field of (bio-)kinetic modelling while keeping the link with practical applications thanks to its collaborations with experiment-oriented research institutions.

Depending on the problem at hand, different simulation platforms are being used, including both commercial and open source alternatives. In addition to its in-house model development, BIOMATH is proud to be at the founding basis of the wastewater treatment plant simulation platform WEST (MikebyDHI).

Current bio-kinetic projects

Researchers with bio-kinetic expertise