Janssen Pharmaceutica and UGent: Partners in continuous manufacturing of therapeutics

The ConsiGma-25 continuous manufacturing platform by GEA Pharma Systems (Wommelgem, Belgium)

The Ghent University department of Pharmaceutical Analysis (Prof. Thomas De Beer) together with the department of Mathematical Modelling, Statistics and Bio-informatics (Prof. Ingmar Nopens) have entered into a strategic collaboration with Janssen Pharmaceutica NV (Beerse, Belgium) aiming at the development and implementation of continuous production processes for solid dosage forms, thereby leveraging their unique, cutting-edge expertise in this area.

The partnership further includes Rutgers University (New Jersey, USA) and will extend over a four-year period, under the coordination of Janssen. The results are expected to be highly significant for the future of pharmaceutical manufacturing, which currently is still dominated by batchwise production, but clearly prepares for a transition towards continuous operation, in which modelling-based process control combined with process analytical technology will be critical to achieve the required Quality by Design.

Hence, it is encouraging to see that Ghent University research teams have joined forces and knowledge to contribute at the forefront of these important evolutions in the pharmaceutical industry.

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