Janssen Pharmaceutica boost its collaboration with UGhent and UZGhent through an ambitious innovation charter

Innovation charter Janssen

From the development of nanomedicine to the use of big data for a world without disease.

The Janssen - UGent - UZGhent innovation charter is part of an initiative to exchange more knowledge and expertise, stimulate academic talent and bring innovations to the patient more quickly.

Ghent University is one of the most important university institutions in Flanders and is part of the top 50 of most innovative universities in the world. Ghent University Hospital is one of the largest and most specialized hospitals in Flanders with more than 3,000 patients per day and more than 6,000 employees. Together they have developed a close collaboration with Janssen Pharmaceutica in recent years in specific areas. The partners are now intensifying their collaboration in various fields, including in the areas of big data, clinical studies, cancer research, nanomedicine and smart production methods. 

In the last decade, BIOMATH together with LPPAT has established expert knowledge in modeling and control of pharmaceutical manufacturing processes. This collaboration will definitely strengthen our position in the near future.

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