Model-based optimization of river aeration

River Aeration

Dissolved oxygen concentration is an important indicator for the health status of any aquatic ecosystem since it is required for many forms of aquatic life. Therefore it is also a prerequisite to meet the Water Framework Directive (WFD). To avoid dangerously low levels of dissolved oxygen in the Dommel River caused by e.g. unavoidable sewer overflows under extreme wet weather conditions, Waterboard De Dommel (The Netherlands) installed an aeration systems along some stretches of its river just upstream of the discharge point of the Eindhoven Water Resources Recovery Facility.

To verify the design and operational strategy of the aeration system the Waterboard De Dommel joined forces with BIOMATH. The aim is to develop a valid computational fluid dynamics model which will allow the waterboard to simulate the dynamics of dissolved oxygen along the river. This way different scenarios can be studied. The final objective is therefore to learn in more detail about the system performance and subsequently use this knowledge to apply a trustworthy operational strategies.

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