Lab services

In addition to our modeling expertise and computational infrastructure, BIOMATH is also equipped with an experimental lab. The lab and its equipment serve mainly for the calibration and validation of models in the fields of wastewater and nutrient recovery which is key to our modeling philosophy. Upon request lab equipment is available for external use. The instruments available at BIOMATH are listed below:

  • Eye-tech

  • Respirometer

  • Off-gas analyzer

  • Microscope

  • HACH-LANGE measurement kits

BIOMATH also provides expertise in setting up process control applications, for both lab and pilot scale, using National Instruments hardware and software products. This includes the selection of sensors, actuators and controller as well as wiring of the hardware, control strategy development, HMI display development, commissioning and support.

Some example projects:

  • Pilot-scale caproic acid extraction unit (2017)

    • Controlled variables: flow, electrical power, pH and reactor level

    • Measured variables: pressure, level, pH and power consumption, transmembrane pressure

  • Lab-scale freeze drying unit for pharmaceutical melt tablets (2017)

    • Controlled variables: shelf temperature, chamber pressure

    • Measured variables: electric power consumption, freezing temperature, vacuum pressure

  • Pilot-scale nutrient recovery from pig manure (2015)

    • Controlled variables: flow, electrical power, pH, level

    • Measured variables: conductivity, level, pH and power consumption

  • Lab-scale algae reactor (2013)

    • Controlled variables: temperature and light exposure

    • Measured variables: dissolved oxygen and pH

  • Pilot-scale membrane bioreactor (2012)

    • Controlled variables: reactor level, reactor temperature and filtration cycle

    • Measured variables: pH, dissolved oxygen, temperature and transmembrane pressure.

  • Lab-scale respirometer (2005)

    • Controlled variables: temperature and pH

    • Measured variables: dissolved oxygen