Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

Pharmaceutical manufacturing

The pharmaceutical industry is increasingly adopting computer simulations to improve commercial-scale production of both drug substance and product. BIOMATH fully supports this effort by improving process understanding, monitoring and control with the help of mathematical tools. BIOMATH developed expertise in a wide range of unit operations for secondary manufacturing (e.g. wet granulation, fluidized-bed drying and freeze-drying) through the application of different modelling methodologies. 

European Conference on Fluid-Particle Separation

Topics within the scope of the conference:

  • Separation of dispersed phases from liquid
  • Separation of dispersed phases from gas
  • Membrane separation
  • Separation of biological cells
  • Modelling and monitoring of separation
  • Characterisation of dispersed phases
  • Technical developments in filter media
  • Process intensification and innovative technologies
  • Pre-treatment, post-treatment and related processes and technique
  • Product related filtration and separation applications