Chaïm De Mulder


Prof. dr. ir. Ingmar Nopens - Ghent University

Research background

The wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) of Eindhoven (The Netherlands) treats wastewater equivalent to 750,000 people, which makes it the third biggest WWTP of the Netherlands. It discharges the treated water into De Dommel, a small river coming from Belgium, flowing through Eindhoven, on to 's Hertogenbosch, where it joins the Meuse. In dry periods, the discharge of the plant can constitute up to 50% of the total flow in De Dommel. The effluent quality therefore has a very large impact on the river water quality, and numerous efforts have been going on in the last years to improve the quality of the effluent and river water. 

Research objective
  • Keep the available model of the WWTP of Eindhoven up to date by means of regular validation cycles.
  • Give suggestions for improvement of the installation (e.g. sensor placement) based on analysis of the online data available from the plant.
  • Structurise and document the data management procedures from extraction to use.
  • Provide an improved model with sufficient detail to better predict a.o. nitrate concentrations and to allow for better decision making.
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