Dorien Gaublomme


Prof. dr. ir. Ingmar Nopens - Ghent University
Prof. dr. ir. Arne Verliefde - PaInT, Ghent University
Prof. dr. ir. Bart De Gusseme - FARYS, Ghent University

Research objective

In order to support current decisions on large-scale design and operation of water treatment technologies, a decision support tool, combining models of different unit processes, would have a clear added value. This tool should consist of reliable dynamic process models. According to good modelling practice, such models need to be properly calibrated and validated. As a first relevant unit process, reverse osmosis (RO) is considered.

Research methodology

In a first step, a steady state RO model is calibrated and validated with data from two cases:

  • a full-scale RO installation of the water treatment company FARYS.
  • a pilot-scale RO installation of the IMPROVED project. This project aims a better water technology in the chemical process industry of the Zeeland Delta region by the use of mobile research facilities.
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