Post Doctoral

Prof. dr. ir. Ingmar Nopens - Ghent University

Research background

Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF) has received more attention recently as separation technique in both drinking water production as well as wastewater treatment. However, the process as well as the preceding flocculation step is complex and not completely understood. Therefore, given, the multiphase nature of the process (liquid, gas and floc) research in the field of DAF requires fluid dynamics studies in order to understand and optimize the system in terms of operation and design. The present study simulates the flow patterns inside a large DAF tank (WPC Kluizen, Belgium), employing computational fluid dynamics (CFD) technique. 


Research objective
  • To understand the flotation system in terms  of operation and design 
  • To improve effluent turbidities and thereby  increase the plants’ treatment capacity. 
Research methodology
  • Euler-Langrangian approach for multiphase flow analysis in the 2D and 3D DAF systems
  • Flocs will be treated as the discrete phase. 
Key publications
"K. Satpathy, U. Rehman, W. Audenaert, B. Cools, G. Peleman, I. Nopens (2018) Towards optimization of dissolved air flotation using computational fluid dynamics, IWA World Water Congress & Exhibition (poster), Tokyo, Japan."
"I. Nopens, J. Wicks, David F. del Pozo, Y. Amerlinck, M. Patziger, J. Bridgeman, K. Satpathy, U. Rehman (2018) Resource recovery and advanced CFD: a required marriage (poster), WRRmod2018, Quebec, Canada".