Mariane Y. Schneider

Post Doctoral

Prof. dr. ir. Ingmar Nopens - Ghent University

Research background

I am an environmental engineer by training and got my PhD from ETH Zurich on "Monitoring and quantifying the treatment performance of on-site wastewater treatment plants" in 2020. After that I did a JSPS awarded postdoc at Tokyo University at the department of Mechanoinformatics.

Research objective

My objective is to find methods which help to monitor and control water and wastewater treatment plants in order to enable novel, resource efficient technology to spread.

Research methodology

One method is hybrid modelling (a combination of mechanistic and data-driven modelling). Another one is fundamental research starting from the equations in the mechanistic models.

Key publications
  • Schneider, M.Y., Furrer V., Sprenger E., Carbajal J.P., Villez K., and Maurer M. (2020), ‘Benchmarking Soft Sensors for Remote Monitoring of On-Site Wastewater Treatment Plants’. Environmental Science & Technology (54, 17) 10840–49.
  • Schneider, M.Y., Carbajal, J.P., Furrer, V., Sterkele, B., Maurer, M., Villez, K., (2019). Beyond signal quality: The value of unmaintained pH, dissolved oxygen, and oxidation-reduction potential sensors for remote performance monitoring of on-site sequencing batch reactors. Water Res. (161) 639–651.
  • Schneider, M.Y., Quaghebeur, W., Borzooei, S., Froemelt, A., Li, F., Saagi, R., Wade, M.J., Zhu, J.-J., Torfs, E., (2022b). Hybrid modelling of water resource recovery facilities: status and opportunities. Water Sci. Technol. (85) 2503–2524.
  • Schneider, M.Y., Harada, H., Villez, K., Maurer, M., (2023). Several Small or Single Large? Quantifying the Catchment-Wide Performance of On-Site Wastewater Treatment Plants with Inaccurate Sensors. Environ. Sci. Technol. (57) 1114–1122.
  • Eggimann, S., Mutzner, L., Wani, O., Schneider, M.Y., Spuhler, D., Moy de Vitry, M., Beutler, P., Maurer, M., (2017). The Potential of Knowing More: A Review of Data-Driven Urban Water Management. Environ. Sci. Technol. (51) 2538–2553.
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