Pâmela Couto


Prof. Dr. Ingmar Nopens - Ghent University, Biomath, Ghent, Belgium
Prof. Dr. Marcelo Zaiat - University of São Paulo, Engineering School of São Carlos, Brazil
Prof. Dr. Rogers Ribeiro - University of São Paulo, Engineering School of São Carlos, Brazil

Research objective

 Main objective: To apply the ADM1 as a modeling and simulation platform for different configurations of batch and continuous reactors used in the processing of the vinasse, aiming the production of CH4 and H2.

 Specific objectives:

  •  Evaluate which parameters of the ADM1 are used in the production process of CH4 and H2 from vinasse;
  • Implement the biochemical and physico-chemical equations in Matlab Software;
  • Obtain the free parameters by Box-Draper minimization method and optimize them by Monte Carlo Markov Chain method;
  • Perform Geweke statistical test to evaluate the convergence of the Markov chain;
  • Do direct and cross validation of the model with real data.
Key publications
VIEIRA, BÁRBARA F.; COUTO, PÂMELA T.; SANCINETTI, GISELLE P.; KLEIN, BERNHARD; VAN ZYL, DIRK; RODRIGUEZ, RENATA P. The effect of acidic pH and presence of metals as parameters in establishing a sulfidogenic process in anaerobic reactor. Journal of Environmental Science and Health. Part A, Toxic Hazardous Substances and Environmental Engineering. v.51, p.793 - 797, 2016.