At BIOMATH we develop and apply mathematical models and methodologies for the analysis and optimization of bio-processes. The primary focus is on mechanistic models which are used to support a variety of priority sectors ranging from wastewater treatment and resource recovery to pharmaceutical manufacturing, ecology and bioprocess technology. By doing so, BIOMATH has gained expertise in the fields of computational fluid dynamics (CFD), population balance modelling (PBM) and bio-kinetics.


Sep 2019

Several BIOMATH members and AM Team attended the conference WTRMX2019 - 10th Watermatex Symposium on Modelling and Integrated Assessment, from September 1 to 4 in Copenhagen. Their excellent work have been presented there.

  • Prof. Dr. Ingmar Nopens, AM Team: Water and…
Defense photo
Jul 2019

BIOMATH is proud to announce that Chaïm De Mulder successfully defended his Doctoral Thesis. In his PhD, Ir. Chaïm De Mulder closely collaborated with Waterboard De Dommel (The Netherlands), leading to a research project with a direct link to applications and…

Defense photo
Jul 2019

BIOMATH is proud to announce that Andreia Neves do Amaral successfully defended her Doctoral Thesis.

Andreia received her master degree in…

May 2019

BIOMATH is proud to announce that Rubén Fernando Jerves Cobo successfully defended his Doctoral Thesis.

Title: Integrated water system modelling to support water management in the Cuenca Basin

Abstract: The water quality…

PhD Jury
Apr 2019

BIOMATH is proud to announce that Niels Nicolaï successfully defended his Doctoral Thesis. In 2013 Niels graduated as a Master of Science in Bioscience Engineering with a specialisation in Chemistry and Bioprocess Technology. At that time, he became fascinated by the scientific…