At BIOMATH we develop and apply mathematical models and methodologies for the analysis and optimization of bio-processes. The primary focus is on mechanistic models which are used to support a variety of priority sectors ranging from wastewater treatment and resource recovery to pharmaceutical manufacturing, ecology and bioprocess technology. By doing so, BIOMATH has gained expertise in the fields of computational fluid dynamics (CFD), population balance modelling (PBM) and bio-kinetics.

BIOMATH is also contributing to battling the COVID-19 crisis by developing decision-support tools, find out more, or contribute, here.


Alejandra posing with the jury
Oct 2022

BIOMATH is proud to announce that on the 26th of October, 2022, Alejandra Barrera Jiménez has succesfully defended her Doctoral Thesis!

About Alejandra:

PhD reception
May 2022


Concrete is one of the most produced substances in the world. Its existence therefore comes with gargantuan economic and environmental implications. Cement -the hydraulic binder that makes the transition from a fluid to a hardened state possible- is arguably the most important and most…

Online defense Michael Ghijs
May 2020

On the 6th of May, 2020, Michael Ghijs successfully defended his PhD online! Find below the content and the full PhD dissertation at the bottom of the page.


Content: In the transition of the pharmaceutical industry to…

PhD defense David Fernandes del Pozo
Apr 2020

BIOMATH is proud to announce that David Fernandes del Pozo successfully defended his Doctoral Thesis, which is available for download at the bottom of this page. In his Ph.D…

Holistic decision support
Apr 2020

Want to see what a COVID-19 exit strategy could look like? Why does a tracking strategy seem like the best solution? Find out in the update on the model-predictive control of…