At BIOMATH we develop and apply mathematical models and methodologies for the analysis and optimization of bio-processes. The primary focus is on mechanistic models which are used to support a variety of priority sectors ranging from wastewater treatment and resource recovery to pharmaceutical manufacturing, ecology and bioprocess technology. By doing so, BIOMATH has gained expertise in the fields of computational fluid dynamics (CFD), population balance modelling (PBM) and bio-kinetics.


Pharma Modelling
Jan 2019

This PhD project aims at developing mechanistic process models for an innovative pharmaceutical production process (continuous pharmaceutical production process of tablets). The research will be conducted in close cooperation with 3 companies (Janssen Pharmaceutica, UCB and Pfizer…

ESCAPE 28 Keynote Lecture
Dec 2018

Professor Ingmar Nopens from BIOMATH was invited to give a keynote lecture during ESCAPE 28 titled:

Good modelling practice for process engineering: pitfalls and requirements to develop fit for purpose models

AM-Team Workshop 2018
Oct 2018
Over the past decade Ghent University has built a strong reputation on continuous pharmaceutical manufacturing research. To share its scientific and engineering knowledge with industrial practitioners, UGent spinoff AM-Team presented an exclusive 3-day training by leading academic, industry and…
Innovation charter Janssen
Aug 2018

From the development of nanomedicine to the use of big data for a world without disease.

The Janssen - UGent - UZGhent innovation charter is part of an initiative to exchange more knowledge and expertise, stimulate academic talent and bring innovations to the patient…